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Glove up and Go: Our Golf Glove Size Chart

Fairway Monkey Golf Glove Size Chart

Although using a golf glove is not required, we strongly recommend it whether you’re just starting your golf career or are a seasoned pro! Let’s use our golf glove size chart to discuss finding the correct glove.

Benefits of Wearing The Right Golf Glove

More Confident Swing

Wearing a golf glove can help you hold the club better, minimizing the chance that your club will rotate or that you will lose your grip. You can have a much more relaxed and confident swing with this newfound confidence and comfort. In this sometimes inconsistent game, many players prefer to have extra peace of mind for a more secure grip and to protect their hands.

Wear and Tear

The wear and tear on your hands from your club can easily affect how well one plays and can be a nasty thing to deal with once you're done playing, not to mention the negative association you will eventually make with this great game. 

We designed our gloves with your comfort in mind. Not only are our gloves made with fine Carbetta leather, but we also offer several different styles for golfers. Whether you choose our solid leather glove or one of our more breathable styles, know that your comfort is our top priority. Each style utilizes exact sizing, so our golf glove size chart universally works.

Remember that different materials offer different grips; we provide an all-leather style, a solid leather style with fabric stretch for your fingers, and our last style, which provides a more breathable back that keeps your hand extra cool. The glove style is as vital as the club you choose. Both can make or break a round.

A good-quality glove can be a huge help. Though this opinion is largely subjective, most golfers agree that an excellent-quality golf glove has two consistent traits: comfort and durability. A lousy-quality golf glove will often be made of cheap and easily damageable material; this shortens the glove's life span, leaving an unsatisfied golfer needing to buy a new one. 

Of course, all gloves will eventually be worn and must be replaced. We aim to make your gloves last longer and fit better with our golf glove size chart. 

Comfort & Control

How do you know if a golf glove is the right fit for you? The most important part of choosing a glove is the fit. If your hand is not snug in the glove, your hand is more likely to slip, most likely ruining your swing.

It must be tight, with no loose material, across the palm and fingers. Speaking of materials, our company offers different styles and materials. Different materials provide different grips; remember your golfing goals when choosing a golf glove.

Measuring With Our Golf Glove Size Chart 

The fit of your glove is just as important as its quality. Before looking at our golf glove size chart, know which hand you buy a glove for. If you're a right-handed golfer, you should wear your glove on the left, and vice versa if you're left-handed. 

We offer a wide selection of sizes ranging from x-small to xx-large in our junior and small to xx-large in our adult sizes. To determine your size, measure the length of your middle finger, the distance around your hand just below the knuckle, and the hand you will be wearing the glove on. Once you have your finger length measurement, compare your hand circumference and finger length in the chart to determine the needed size. Double-check to make sure you are taking your measurements in centimeters! 

Remember that we provide measurements on our golf glove size chart for all our adult and junior sizes except for x-small. The hand outlines are only available for the junior sizes; however, we are developing an updated version of our golf glove size chart to include all our sizes.

Step 1: Measure the length of your middle finger

Step 2: Measure the distance around your hand just below the knuckles

Step 3: Measure the hand the glove will be working on (from the top of your middle finger to the bottom of your palm)

Step 4: Compare your finger length and your hand circumference to the golf glove sizing chart and determine your needed size 

Cabretta Leather

Cabretta leather is made from the hides of the Hair Sheep, a type of sheep that produces straight hair, not fluffy wool. This leather is known for being soft, durable, and breathable. 

These qualities make it the perfect material for golf gloves, allowing a natural-feeling grip. Plus, it is more moisture-resistant and flexible than most other types of leather used for these products. 

These qualities are precisely why we decided to use Cabretta leather for our golf gloves, and we added a few finishing touches to create the perfect glove for you. Our product includes premium stitching and a performance fit. Our glove is so comfortable because even though it has a snug fit (as a golf glove should), the Cabretta leather allows our golf gloves to be breathable, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident throughout your round.

We are always looking for ways to improve your golfing experience. Please let us know at or on our site’s contact form if there are any ways we can improve our golf glove size chart.


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