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Not Your Grandpa's golf brand

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Fairway Monkey Golf Apparel is all about getting the most out of each round and the most of out life. It’s a lifestyle. Have more fun on the course - and stay on your game off of it.  

It’s no myth. In the late 1990s, a group of friends were playing a course in Atlanta. One of them hit into the woods off almost every tee box. But each time, the ball bounced right out safely into the fairway. His friends knew what was happening. It was the fairway monkey. He was following the group tossing the ball back out. Did they actually see him? Not exactly. But they didn’t have to. 


They say the legend was born in Scotland in the late 1790s. Grant Reidheid was playing a round by the sea with his neighbor T.W. MacGregor. There were no trees on the course, and yet the ball would come skipping out of the knee-high golden fescue time after time. They said it was the fairway monkey. 


We started a monkey business because it’s time the world knew. 

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