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What Makes the Best Youth Golf Gloves?

The Fairway Monkey only wears Cabretta Leather, here’s why:

Cabretta Leather Youth Golf Gloves

Cabretta Leather is durable, comfortable, water-resistant, and flexible. This combination makes Cabretta Leather the best option for golf gloves.

Youth golf gloves, and even adult golf gloves, are often made with lower-quality materials. Because of this, golfers feel uncomfortable while they play and frequently still have to buy a new glove.

For your child, this means as they grow, they are forced to adapt to different materials and styles. However, we use Cabretta Leather for all of our sizes, from youth XS to adult XXL. So, our leather golf gloves establish a comfortable fit that will last your golfer their entire golfing career.

We changed golfing for the youth market. We offer more sizes and designs for a better fit that will help your child stay comfortable in our gloves until they outgrow them.

We even created a sizing chart for our six junior glove sizes to ensure our youth golf gloves fit perfectly for any age.

Check out each of our golf gloves and the available sizes here:

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