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Does what you wear matter?

Look good, feel good, play good.

Youth xs shirt and youth hat

Who says what you wear doesn't affect you? Of course it does! When you feel good about yourself, your play is more relaxed and your scores are down. Nevermind the money you save keeping your ball in play.

So what is it that makes you smile? I bet something that brings back a good memory. Maybe the smell of salt water or the sound of sea gulls. Maybe it is seeing a favorite t-shirt you got three years ago on vacation.

This is what the Fairway Monkey brand is about. We want you to wear the Monkey off the course so you can remember the feeling from that one great shot you had on it! I bet everyone reading this has had at least one "I can't believe that just happened" moment.

A few "I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it" stories.

What about the 26 ft putt made on the 16th green. It was the only good putt you made all day. And the only one you will remember.

What about the incredible tee shot on the 11th, par 3, that gave you the chance to putt for birdie. (We won't mention that you 3 putted and boggied)

Could it have been the tee shot on the 7th, par 5, that bounced down the cart path so long that you reached the green in two and had your only par of the day.

I know it was the tee shot off the 6th that sliced into the woods and by some "chance" shot out into the middle of the fairway only 165 yards from the pin.

We could go on and on because everyone has at least one of these and that is what you want to remember when you think about your last round. The smell of fresh cut grass, the great conversation with a group of friend, and that one shot that will bring you back for another round! That is what Fairway Monkey is about!

Help us bring that feeling into your home, office and back to the course for your next round.


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